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Limited Swim Team Membership

This allows your swimmer to attend morning swim team practice only and swim all meets. Your swimmer will not have access to our pools for recreational use without the purchase of an individual Membership.

Enroll 1 Child - $250.00
Enroll 2 Children - $500.00
Enroll 3 Children - $750.00
Enroll 4 Children - $1000.00
Enroll 5 Children - $1250.00

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Water Fitness Program – Member

Price: $250.00
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Water Fitness Program – Non-Member

Price: $350.00

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Capital Fundraiser

We are looking for extra help to get through non-planned projects that are necessary for IA to continue operating post the loss of our 2020 season. This includes our new roof, pool liners, new fencing, updated locker rooms and dry baths, a safe wooden playground, and new fun opportunities for our members like sand volleyball courts and shade pavilions.

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Guest Fees

1 Guest - $10.00
2 Guests - $20.00
3 Guests - $30.00
4 Guests - $40.00
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Snack Card

Purchase the increment of your choice below and we’ll load this into your account for this season and future seasons.

Load $25 - $25.00
Load $50 - $50.00
Load $75 - $75.00
Load $100 - $100.00
Load $150 - $150.00
Load $200 - $200.00
Load $250 - $250.00
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