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Our 5-6s our smart and creative, always learning and playing! We call them our Pathfinders.  Here is what your Pathfinder can expect at camp:

8:00 – 8:05    Flag Circle (everyone meets in the flag circle to start the morning with a song or a cheer!) Each day is started with flag circle. After the Pledge of Allegiance, there is a song or cheer from each group. Monday the Aquatic Staff has each group show their spirit with a new cheer and listening to which group can really make some noise. Tuesday the Chiefs (10-13), sing to the camp followed by Warriors (7-9) on Wednesday, Pathfinders (5-6) on Thursday and Papooses (3-4) on Friday.

8:05 – 8:15  Morning Meeting: Attendance & Meet and Greet with Counselor

8:15 – 9:25 Playground gives campers time to meet all the counselors in their “swim” (first swim or second swim) while allowing them time to talk with other campers, make up games, and have fun learning new skills. Group Game The whole group (first and second swim) comes back together to play a large group game. These games help with skill building, teamwork, and multiple step tasks. Games can include different forms of tag, variety of relays, and water play. We use fun names to help them remember how to play the games such as Sharks and Minnows, Army Navy, or Splish, Splish, Splash! Stations (games, toys, and activities) Both first and second swim is back together for these activities. Some of the games they may play include; soccer, basketball, baseball, or tag. Campers also enjoys many toys including kitchen sets, dinosaurs, train tables, dolls, marble tracks, trucks and cars. Activities are also set up so campers can ride their cozy coupe car or tricycle through a car wash or paint with marbles, or make necklaces. These activities are chosen by the campers themselves and vary each day. Snack is given with a cup of water and all campers are highly encouraged to drink lots of water throughout the day. After they are finished with snack they may choose to play on the playground or start their own games.

Craft is done with a counselor and a small group of campers (about 5) at picnic tables with supervision of the Craft Leader. This is a great time for counselors to talk with their campers about their interests and build relationships between the campers.

Swim (half the group starts their swim lessons)

Campers have a chance to reapply sunscreen before the swim lesson with Aquatic Staff. They are put into even smaller groups and will work on more individualized swim lesson.

11:05 – 11:30    Songs/Pack up

This is a time where campers get to practice new camp songs and work on the song we will choose to sing for the whole camp.

11:30 – 11:45    Dismissal

We have two spots where campers are picked up. We ask that you drop off and pick up the same way so we are prepared to get your camper right back to you safely and efficiently. If you arrive in the circle drive your camper will be waiting for a counselor to call their name and bring them out front to your car. If you come into the parking lot, we have a special area marked off and lined with benches next to the fence. We call these campers “fence campers”. They will also receive a small picture on their hand to indicate where they will be picked up. The campers are walked out with counselors and wait by the fence until a counselor walks them to your car.

*Times are approximate and vary for special events and to give each camper equal amounts of time for each activity. 

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