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Our 3-4s are by far the cutest little campers! We call them the Papooses and even have a song all about them you little camper will learn this summer!  Here is what your Papoose can expect at camp:

8:00 Flag Circle

Papooses go out to the Papoose Area and participate in Flag Circle. On Fridays, we sing a song for the whole camp.

8:10 Morning Meeting

The Papoose Team Leader takes attendance, reviews rules, goes over the day’s activities, and tells everyone who their counselor is.

8:20 Free Play

Playtime! Various stations of toys and activities are set up each day, allowing children to choose what they’d like to do. Examples include blocks, bikes, books, the sandbox, painting, dollhouses, and free swim at the baby pool or 123 pool. Children also complete a craft daily.

9:30-9:50 Art Pavillion

On days with a special event or speaker, Papooses see them at this time. Examples include police officers, a visitor from the planetarium, and more!

10:00 Clean-up

Papooses participate in cleaning up their play area and putting away toys.

10:05 First Swim (Change)/Second Swim Snack

Half of the Papooses reapplies sunscreen, while the other half eats a snack. Water is always provided with the day’s snack.

10:12 First Swim Snack/Second Swim (Change)

The groups switch; one eats a snack while the other reapplies sunscreen.

10:25 – 10:45 First Swim Lessons/Second Swim Playground

Half of the Papooses attend their swim lessons. (On Friday there is free swim, unless a lesson had to be missed due to inclement weather.) The other group has playground time.

10:45 – 11:05 First Swim Playground/Second Swim Lessons

The groups switch. The second group attend swim lessons while the first group dries off and goes to the playground. On hot days, they may go to the baby pool instead.

11:20 Line Up/Dismissal

The second swim group returns from the pool and dries off. All Papooses sit in the Papoose area. Fence campers are dismissed first with 2-3 counselors. Circle drive campers walk together to the clubhouse and read books with their counselors until picked up.

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